My name is Sayali and I live in sunny (well not so much now) California.

I love to read, however people around me don’t understand why? 😦

What’s so great about sitting with a book for hours together, they ask? Why read a 1000 page Game of Thrones book, when you can watch the TV series. I say to them (very patiently) that the 1000 pages have a world to offer which the TV series only captures a glimpse of.

Books unlike visual entertainment do not restrict your imagination. In the book, the world is your oyster. With every book, you get to live a new life, meet new people, make new relations. You get to love, you get to laugh, you get to cry

And so I decided to start a blog. Hoping to encourage more souls to read. Hoping to show a glimpse of what books have to offer.

I also love to travel. People are more understanding towards that. 🙂 I love to go to new places, eat local cuisine, drink lot of coffee, meet new people and hopefully read a little. Thats another way I am able to explore new worlds.

I welcome your thoughts, comments and recommendations. I hope to interact with you. Discuss new books and classics. Explore new places. Sometimes agree, sometimes disagree and that’s OK too.

Happy Reading! Happy Traveling!